NOVEMBER 2, 2012
Dmitry Itskov, president of New Media Stars holding, founder of the “2045” Initiative, president of the GF2045 Congress

I would like to begin my speech by thanking the people who helped me to organize this congress. I would especially like to thank Timur Shchukin, with whom I have been working on the 2045 project over the course of the year. I would like to thank Akop Pogosovich Nazaretian. Without his invaluable support, our global congress would not have been so global, because he invited a large number of specialists, and his organizational support was also important. I would like to thank Lana Ravandi-Fadai, who is the talisman of our congress. And also our other friends and colleagues, who helped, gave advice and suggested ideas.

So, at the end of these three wonderful days I would like to sum things up and say once again why we have gathered here – about the need to discuss the further evolution of humanity and society. This discussion should take place with an emphasis on advanced technology, but at the same time we should take into account a new reading of spiritual traditions, which undoubtedly contain a rational element. And in summing up what was been said, I should note that it is important to understand what evolution should be like, and why it is required, why it is so necessary.

Evolution is a law. At the beginning of evolution, the law of genetics was the main law, and the strongest individuals survived. With the appearance of culture, the most intelligent began to survive, with the appearance of states competition began in the ideological sphere and in increasing military power, and then global trends appeared. Today, in order to preserve itself, to survive, humanity must try to understand evolution processes in a new way and recognize itself, all of humanity, as the subject of evolution. And I think that in this understanding, Big History plays a major role.

The era of the unconscious evolution of the human and humanity is coming to an end, and new evolutionary mechanisms are coming into play. These mechanisms are characterized by the fact that humans themselves start taking part in them. Exercising their will and using their minds, they can control evolution as they want, according to their wishes. And the further evolution of the human may be examined in two areas: the evolution of the body and the evolution of the mind.

As for the evolution of the body, as a futurologist and a trans-humanist, it seems to me that this primarily means leaving the mortal body for an immortal body, the transition from having one body to having many bodies, the transition from having a vulnerable biological body, firstly to a cybernetic body, then to a body made of nano-robots, which may be controlled by the power of thought and change its form under this influence, and then later perhaps even to an intangible body, which will be made up of light particles and resemble a hologram.

These evolutionary changes may seem fantastic and shocking, but I believe that this is already become an unavoidable reality. And I see my task as making this reality not only hi-tech, but also harmonious, humane and spiritual. So that it does not infringe on spiritual values, which have been developed by humanity over the course of many millennia, such as love for other people and compassion.

In this connection, it is clear that not only our body will evolve, but also our thinking, our ethics and our culture. And I would like to talk in more detail about the evolution of thinking, and offer my vision of how I see the possibilities of this evolution in the following directions.

Firstly, it involves the acquisition of new types of logic. Besides formal logic, we will also master intuitive, irregular logic, the logic of irrational states and paradoxes. And this essentially means loading new software into the database of our brain. Or developing this software.  It will be a new cognitive device that allows us to think very quickly and reach a result, relying directly on intuition and avoiding habitual chains of logic.

Secondly, it means the acquisition of an expanded consciousness, which will allow us to communicate mentally, and connect to remote information without relying on any technological devices.

And thirdly, it means the acquisition of abilities for controlling the environment with our own will, using the power of thought, without any external interfaces at all. Many spiritual traditions have considerable experience in this field, and real achievements. In my opinion, the task of science is not to reject this experience, but to study it and use it in order to develop a scientific paradigm of the evolution of consciousness. 

To discuss the global future, we must pay more attention to issues of the evolution of humanity, and not solving transitory economic and political crises. It is issues of evolutions that should be discussed to a greater degree in international organizations, and by heads of leading nations. Because it is the evolution of humanity and society that will be an adequate response to the global challenges that human civilization faces today, and will be the path that people are looking for to overcome crises, the existence of which no one in the world denies any longer.

In conclusion, I would like to read out to you my vision of the resolution of the congress. These are my ideas, the formal, final document will be discussed tomorrow, but I would like these ideas to be present in the final document, and be supported by the scientists who are present here at the “Global Future 2045” congress. I believe that this is no longer a scientific text, but a political text. And the contents require unprecedented efforts, of course, from the international community, but it is extremely important to understand the relevance of what are you are about to hear, despite its radical nature.

[Resolution of the Global Future 2045 Congress. Dmitry Itskov’s Vision]

At present, humanity is entering the active phase of artificial controlled evolution of the human being as a species and individual. The further evolution of humanity should be connected with a transition to a new human, a neo-human, the transfer of the consciousness to a non-protein carrier, an artificial physical body and the radical extension of life with the help of this body, from tens of thousands of years to 1 million years and more, and other super abilities.

The issues of creating an artificial body, and transferring consciousness to it, achieving immortality and subsequent artificial evolution should be considered to be the most relevant and important issues for science not only of this 21st century of ours, but for the entire third millennium.

We call for the idea of future cybernetic immortality to be given the status of a global common human idea as an evolutionary paradigm for all of humanity in the third millennium, and for an international referendum and a vote at the UN to be held on this issue.

In light of their special importance, we propose to consider issues of achieving immortality by the use of high technology to be a super-task for the government of every developed country in the world.

We recommend:

- To make the issue of achieving immortality the main issue on the agenda throughout the entire course of the 21st century for the governments of leading world powers, leaders of the international community, and influential international organizations.

–  To call an international conference of the UN in the near future concerning the issue of the real attainment of cybernetic immortality, and to coordinate the efforts of the international community.

–  To concentrate and unite the efforts of leading world state and private companies to create breakthrough technologies within a short timeframe, such as an artificial body carrier for the mind, guaranteeing human beings and humanity an unlimited lifespan, even going as far as immortality.

–  For the international community of scientists to develop a new evolutionary strategy – a super-task for all humanity, which proposes over the course of the 21st-23rd centuries to move the consciousness to a non-protein carrier and achieve immortality, the possession of many bodies at once, the transfer of the consciousness to a body resembling a hologram and expansion into outer space as the main directions of evolutionary development at the physical level.

–  For the leading representatives of world religions to give a positive assessment of the new evolutionary strategy, and recommendation on spiritual development in the new conditions, to describe the possibility of harmonious interaction of new technologies and cultural-moral and spiritual development.

In conclusion, I would like to say that based on what I have seen and heard over the last three days, we may confidently state that the “Global Future 2045” congress has been a success. It is global by the number of speakers who appeared on our stage, it is global by the scale of their ideas, and it is worthy of becoming a starting point into a real global future.

My colleagues and I have decided to make this an annual event. The congress is international, and the idea is to hold it in different countries. And it is most likely that the next congress will be held in spring next year in New York. Welcome to the global future, I invite you to New York. See you soon.

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