MARCH 21, 2012


Sergey Jukov, Head of the Space Technology and Telecommunications Cluster at the Skolkovo: "I am absolutely convinced that the movement “2045’ happened exactly at the right time and the right place as I believe in the great future for Russia, in her success after temporary difficulties".



Dear friends and Congress participants, 


The Congress, in my view, is a kind of historical undertaking. It is a gathering of scientists, artists, religious leaders, politicians and talented people with a radically different understanding of reality, different professional backgrounds, people whose thinking is directed towards the future, whose professional trajectory prepared them for this future.  


Today when the world is affected by a big number of crises, all of us understand that our little planet needs our concerted efforts to save it and that together we need to create projects for the future, to build foundations of the new ethics, new technologies, new approaches, new social policy, new international relations. In these circumstances it is very important that we come together  and converse. We need to talk in order to share our worldviews, our philosophies, our visions, our talents if you want, our inspirations so that together we can give shape to the future. 


I am absolutely convinced that the movement “2045’ happened exactly at the right time and the right place as I believe in the great future for Russia, in her success after temporary difficulties. 


Of course our civilizations, our northern unique civilizations, possess huge power and huge potential. We have a lot to give the world and the 21st  century and we must do it! 


I am a test pilot-cosmonaut, someone who was brought up on the ideas of Russian cosmism, I know how important it is for us to have common vision, common space strategy, which would not only save our planet from some future misfortunes like a collision with an asteroid or a comet or something else of this sort. Space exploration is important to all people in all its aspects. It makes life better.  I am convinced that if in the 21st century we will venture into space together, we will be able to physically explore the Solar system, the Moon, asteroids, Mars, we shall go even further.  As I mentioned before we will need to come up with the new ethics that fits the new space age. We will need to accelerate the evolution of the human, who will be a space explorer and inhabitant. We will be dealing with the dilemmas of the new ‘space’ humanity.  


To start with, there will be small communities of people living together on some asteroid or exploring the Moon in long shifts. With time, family couples will be able to join them. There will also be a challenge of exploring and settling on the planets with hostile environments such as Venice or Jupiter’s satellite Europe. Avatars would be most suited for this task. All these aspects and themes of the possible future are hugely important and fascinating to me. 


I believe that at this Congress there will be,  and I am not afraid to use this expression, historical meeting of people.  I believe the new partnerships will emerge, new working groups will get together and be able to create something very interesting, new plans will be formed.  It is fascinating and very interesting to be part of all this. I am convinced that after  having absorbed all the ideas at this Congress and having been inspired by the creative atmosphere, which I am sure will be present here, everyone will increase their level of productivity in their working field. We are right to expect a whole bunch of individual and collective achievements after such a wonderful event! 


Once again, wishing you all, success in your endeavours!

I hope I will personally be part of this endeavour! 


Good luck and thank you. 

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