FEBRUARY 20, 2012

Alexander Bolonkin, Astrophysicist, NASA Senior Research Fellow,  addresses “Global Future 2045” congress.


Mankind has entered the XXI century. This is the age of magnificent scientific and technological progress that will profoundly transform people’s lives. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the organizers and the committee of the Congress as well as to all of the participants for their admirable efforts in the organization of the Congress and their contributions to the discussions of many challenges that face humanity. 


One of our major challenges is that of extending and improving people’s lives. I see a radical and not far off solution to this problem in electronic immortality – the infinite extension of people’s lives in the new electronic form. This will solve all the problems with nutrition, housing, the environment, health. It will enable us to instantly acquire any amount of knowledge that has been accumulated by mankind as well as  to live in space. 


Religious people are raising the question of spirituality. But one’s spirituality is nothing more than all the knowledge that he or she acquires during their lives. If we record and preserve this knowledge we will preserve our souls.  And we can already do this now by starting recording the everyday lives of our children (video, sound, emotions etc.). In order to turn these records into a unique personality, it is enough to add to them awareness of one’s "I" (that is the sum of one’s knowledge) and the desire to defend oneself using all possible means. Unfortunately, this method I am suggesting here is good for our little children. As for living adults or the dead it allows t replicate their personalities only partially, with the help of other people’s records, documents and memories  


Electronic civilization will not only eliminate all the material problems of biological civilization but also religious, national, and territorial tensions, war, envy, crime, murder, corruption, desire for power. The main occupation of electronic humans will become knowledge acquisition,  the development of new technologies and exploration of the universe.


The purpose of human existence is determined by Nature – the desire to create  higher consciousness and gain absolute power over the universe. Humans have practically become masters of the animal and plant world on Earth. Their next step is to become masters of the Solar system and then the whole universe, and to create new world. It is our good fortune that aliens have never landed on Earth as this would have meant we were far behind their civilization in the space race (in our scientific and technological development) and only able to be their slaves. Humanity can only be self-reliant in its development.


Let me once again wish you success in your noble cause!


Alexander Bolonkin

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Alexander Bolonkin, Astrophysicist, NASA Senior Research Fellow, addresses “Global Future 2045” congress.
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